Change Management Workshop

  • Course Type: In-house
  • Duration: Half-day or full-day
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Change Management Workshop

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All organisations operate in a constantly changing environment and as such are required to evolve and develop to perform well. However comprehensive change management training is required to ensure that senior teams have the skills required to implement continuous development.

This course provides participants with the change management skills and training that they need to successfully implement change and can be offered either as a comprehensive full-day course or as a half-day refresher course. The course covers the following key aspects of change management training:

The Nature of Change – This section will give participants a good grounding in the ups and downs of change and change and change management using two classic change models the Bridges Transition Model and the Change Curve to explain and discuss the nature of change.

Culture and Change – This section looks at the area of organisational culture and its impact on managing change. Using the Cultural Web as a framework participants discuss the various components of culture, review case studies of organisational change projects and then identify particular attributes, enablers and barriers to change that may apply to their organisation.

Human Reaction to Change This section looks at the different types of reaction to change and explores the reasons behind these particular reactions. Exploring possible resistance both active and passive and how to deal with them. Includes activities / energisers.

Change Communication – This very interactive section explores the impact of Mind-set, Labelling and Stereotyping in a fun activity. Participants will look at four different “colour “styles of Communication and understand their own preference. They will then learn the importance of flexing their style to communicate more effectively with other preferences.

Leading self and others through change – This last section focuses on the individual and provides hints and tips in personal change management. Building personal resilience, managing personal energy and learning how to build and maintain new habits.



On completion of this course participants will:

  • Understand the nature of change and its impact on organisations and individuals

  • Have explored the impact of an organisations culture on change

  • Have clarity on their own preferences and styles of communication and those of others in order to build and maintain good working relationships through clear open lines of communication

  • Understand the different human reactions to transition and change

  • Have gained useful hints and tips to help guide themselves and others through change

Who should attend?

  • Senior management teams who require a refresher in successful change management in order to ensure continuous improvement in their organisations
  • New managers who need to learn the skills required to implement and embed change amongst their team members
  • Senior managers about to embark on the implementation of transformational change projects