Energy, Focus and Resilience – Half Day Workshop

  • Course Type: Inhouse
  • Duration: Half Day
  • Course Fees: On Request

Energy, Focus and Resilience – Half Day Workshop

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Course Description

It is clear that the modern workplace is full of potential stressors; how we choose to engage with these stressors can influence how energised and focused we are at work. While companies must take responsibility for ensuring a healthy and productive working environment, there are techniques which we can develop as individuals which enable us to discern and skillfully respond to potential stressors when we encounter them, building our energy, focus and resilience along the way.

Is the state you are in supporting your capacity to manage, respond and steady yourself? This is the central question which we will explore together during this half-day workshop. We will consider this question from an intellectual, physical and emotional well-being perspective, gaining insights and learning techniques which are practical and relevant to a demanding workplace.


Our training methods are based on research that shows that adults learn best by doing. This is a highly practical and interactive programme, designed for individuals and small groups, and delivered as a fun, supportive and hands-on learning experience. Participants will get most value out of this programme if they are prepared to engage fully in the exercises.

Course Aims and Objectives

This half-day workshop will present techniques drawn from mindfulness, nutrition and body-work to respond to the practical challenges of the modern workplace.


On completion of this course you will

  • Understand what resilience is and how it can be enhanced
  • Create a personal resilience inventory
  • Identify potential sources of stress in your environment
  • Recognise your default stress response and explore
  • Consider negative bias and techniques from positive
    psychology to counter-balance negativity
  • Experience techniques to cultivate attention and focus, to
    improve concentration and personal effectiveness
  • Explore diet, learning how smart food choices can
    strengthen and support the mind-body
  • Practice exercises for restoratives and energy
  • Learn easy-to-implement practices which you can use at

Who should attend?

  • This workshop is aimed at anyone interested to understand how the science of mindfulness, nutrition and body work can be used to cultivate greater levels of energy, focus and resilience at work.

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