Customers in Crisis – Relationship Management and Care

  • Course Type: In-house
  • Duration: One day and two days
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Customers in Crisis – Relationship Management and Care

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Course Description


New research indicates that the current economic climate is not only having a profound effect on us financially, but is also creating a variety of difficulties psychologically, emotionally and physically for many individuals.

Unemployment, threats of redundancy, pay-cuts and housing insecurity can all have an immense impact on an individual’s sense of safety and identity and how they view their place in the world.

The research suggests that there is a strong relationship between increased mental health problems and levels of debt.

This highly specialised and very practical one-day course on relationship management and care is designed and delivered by a leading psychologist to assist those employees who are experiencing difficult interactions with customers and to provide them with information, support and advice to support customers who display emotional distress.

The workshop also aims to give the employees strategies and practical skills to help them to minimise the impact of exposure to emotive customers. In recent times, there has been a huge upsurge in distressed customers.

It has been widely reported that in Ireland and the U.K. agencies involved in customer care have been exposed to experiences that have left employees traumatised and vulnerable. From both an ethical and legal perspective, many organisations are now looking to protect and to provide support for their employees in these very difficult situations, while also trying to maintain a balance by offering an appropriate level of support to the distressed customer.


On completion of this course you will learn:

  • To reduce the psychological impact of the experience on you
  • To prepare you for engagement with a customer in distress
  • To enhance your understanding of what happens for an individual in a state of crisis
  • To provide you with basic skills in order to support the customer in distress
  • To increase the your confidence levels when dealing with an emotive customer
  • To improve your sensitivity and awareness to the needs of the customer
  • To develop and foster appropriate attitudes to the distressed customer
  • To highlight current research on stress and distress and its’ impact on the individual
  • To familiarise you with language that matches the emotive situation
  • To provide a clear and concise mechanism for response to an ‘at risk customer’
  • To effectively assess and refer on the individual to the appropriate body/agency for further support
  • To develop the your understanding of their limits of engagement and responsibility
  • To enhance the your understanding and use of effective language
  • To ensure that you have an understanding of the importance of self-care
  • To assist in reducing the level of vicarious trauma experienced by you as a result of exposure to a customer in distress
  • To challenge thinking patterns that may have an impact on self-care and stress levels
  • How to help strengthen your sense of self, identify the most appropriate methods of self-care unique to you and use strategies for stress reduction

Who should attend?

  • Front - line call workers who regularly work in an advisory or supportive capacity to customers
  • Members of the banking community who deal in customer relations
  • Members of HR departments who are looking for exposure and information relating to customers in crisis
  • Any employees who work in a customer advisory capacity
  • Job Centre Staff who deal with enquiries
  • Call Centre Staff who deal with enquiries