Working through Covid – Improve Focus and Engagement

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Working through Covid – Improve Focus and Engagement

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Session Outline

The focus of the session is for managers working with remote workers

This highly practical workshop will allow participants to experience and practice a range of techniques designed to formulate effective rhythms and routines to assist in focus and engagement. Participants will explore tools to help them discover their natural rhythm and develop effective work routines that fit with their preferred rhythm.

The session will explore how to ‘chunk down’ daily objectives into practical tasks and align with the most effective routines to help focus and engagement. Participants will also learn how to manage their energy state more effectively by exploring what gives/drains their energy. This will allow individuals to design a more productive and balanced day that mitigates against burnout.

The session will also introduce the psychological state of FLOW and explore how to achieve this state on a regular basis. Managing yourself and your day is a critical skill when working remotely and this session will provide a range of ‘best practice’ techniques to help participants set themselves up for success.


This session includes a range of practical reflection exercises as takeaway tools for individuals to explore and discover their best rhythms and ideal routines.

The focus of the session is for remote workers; however, the tools and techniques can also be applied for individuals that are working in a reduced social capacity (in the office with less staff).


At the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Identify their energy boosters
  • Identify their energy drainers
  • Design effective work routines and schedules
  • Map their day into bite-sized activities to maximize focus
  • Develop a routine that mitigates against burnout and fatigue
  • Apply proven techniques for focus
  • Set up a remote working environment that promotes positive engagement

Who should attend?

  • Managers working with remote workers