Negotiate Your Way to the Top – Effective Negotiation Skills Will Guide Us Through The Recovery


Negotiate Your Way to the Top – Effective Negotiation Skills Will Guide Us Through The Recovery

The worst is over, the sky is brightening and even our politicians are beginning to cheer up. But celebrations might be just a little premature. Rising expectations – among employees, customers, suppliers and others – will present their own tests and challenges in the months ahead as organisations strive to make up lost ground. With skillful negotiation these challenges can be successfully overcome.

It is a business imperative for the period ahead that we have at our disposal the tools necessary to manage the negotiation process, avoid pitfalls, and secure the best possible deal.

Everybody – from CEO to Head of Function to Middle Management in operations, marketing, sales, administration, buyers and procurement specialists, legal professionals, commercial and industrial negotiators, industrial relations people, SMEs, logistics, human resources and others – must have these problem-solving resources to hand.

The ability to negotiate effectively is one of the few personal capabilities that impact directly on the bottom line, which means that individual performance in this area – the difference between success and failure – is easily defined and measured.Fortunately, negotiating skills can be learned and developed as part of ongoing executive training and personal development.

Those that don’t possess these skills, or who think they could do better in this regard, should right now be taking steps to acquire them or improve on their existing capability. Sharpen Your Negotiation Skills is a two-day open course which runs on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 October at The Clayton Hotel in Ballsbridge (formerly Bewley’s Hotel). This course is designed to enable participants approach the bargaining table with a clear negotiating strategy and the confidence to see it through.

Book now for the next negotiation skills open course: Monday and Tuesday 16/17 November

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