A Winning Strategy for Overcoming Life and Career Stress


A Winning Strategy for Overcoming Life and Career Stress

The only certainty in business life is that there are no certainties, and it is uncertainty that most tests our abilities as professionals or individuals. Uncertainty is stress, and how we handle stress has a major influence on our present well-being and future prospects.

Stress Management and Resilience Training is a very successful, one-day workshop launched by High Performance Training to help you transform stress from a crushing burden into a motivational and liberating force.

The workshop identifies the factors that cause stress and outlines how to remedy these through special coping strategies, lifestyle changes, and a variety of resilience management techniques.

In many cases ‘executive stress’ accumulates gradually over years of long working hours and an imbalance between work and personal life. The end result is that business people, professionals and administrators find themselves struggling to cope with change, challenge and uncertainty.  By attending this workshop, those affected can relieve themselves of acquired stress burdens and restore the balance necessary for fulfilment in their work and personal lives.

The benefits are immediate, lasting, and life prolonging and manifest in a very real way in terms of improved health, reduced fatigue or burnout, improved decision-making and deeper mental and emotional reserves from which to draw in times of crisis.

This one day course looks at the science behind stress and how it affects our mood, hormones and energy.

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