Building and Maintaining Effective Relationships

  • Course Type: Remote training
  • Duration: Two days
  • Course Fees: Available on request
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Building and Maintaining Effective Relationships

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Course Description

In this highly interactive two day session participants will be introduced to the widely used psychometric model of DiSC to assess and understand the interaction of human behaviour. The participants will learn a three-step application process to effectively use DiSC to increase their understanding of self and others to enable them to build lasting effective relationships in the workplace. Participants will learn how their behaviour is interpreted by others and the resulting impact of their behaviours, how to diagnose others through observation of behaviours and application of the DiSC model, and how to adapt behaviours to better interact with others and achieve better results and build relationships. 

On day two, participants will explore elements that shape their view of the world and how this can create barriers with others. This includes understanding personal values and motivators and how others differ. Participants will learn how to build greater trust and credibility with others in addition to assessing how effective they are at developing more meaningful relationships with those who are important to them. Approaching situations and others from a win/win mind-set and by developing assertive behaviours will be addressed. In addition, communication challenges will be explored with an emphasis on effective listening as a way to foster greater understanding and collaboration.


On completion of this course you will:

  • Examine how to build more effective relationships
  • Gain a broad overview of Emotional Intelligence and its importance
  • How to build trust and credibility
  • Explore values, motivation and how others differ
  • Building win/win thinking
  • Identify barriers to communication
  • Understand the psychology behind the DiSC behaviour model
  • Adapt behaviour to maximise results when dealing with other styles
  • Diagnose other people and their DiSC style based on observable behaviours
  • Develop strategies for better interaction with different DiSC styles
  • Identify and understand your own DiSC style
  • Understand how others interpret your behaviour and the impact of your behaviour
  • Identify passive, assertive, aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviours
  • Apply a range of assertive tools and techniques
  • Practice effective listening

Who should attend?

  • Those looking to develop the tools to build effective relationships in the workplace
  • Anyone who wants to develop a deeper understanding of behaviour, motivation and how to adapt to differing perspectives

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