Customer Service: Effective Customer Service Communications

  • Course Type: Digital Live Interactive Training
  • Duration: 2 Days or 4 x Half-day Workshops
  • Course Fees: Available on request

Customer Service: Effective Customer Service Communications

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Course Outline

This two-day course is designed to maximise personal communication and interpersonal skills as the basis for providing high quality customer service.

It will help participants explore their personal styles and develop strategies for enhancing their success.

They will explore tools and techniques designed to improve their listening skills, provide and seek clarity, challenge your assumptions, deal with challenges / difficult people assertively and deal with stress. The research around Mindset will be shared within the context of improving interaction with the customer.

Course Aims

This two-day course aims to improve interpersonal skills in order to provide high quality customer service.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the impact of Mindset on interaction with a customer
  • Identify and understand their primary listening channel
  • Apply active listening and other styles to suit the situational need
  • Provide and seek clarity when communicating to others to ensure understanding
  • Effectively challenge assumptions when communicating
  • Enhance their assertion skills
  • Identify difficult behaviours in self and others
  • Apply a range of proven techniques for dealing with difficult people/behaviours
  • Gain experience and feedback on how to deal with difficult situations through benchmark communication skills
  • Identify techniques to manage stress

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of Mindset in setting the stage for effective customer interaction
  • Explore and understand your listening skills and learn to apply a range of listening styles
  • Learn how to provide and seek clarity when communicating
  • Identify assumptions and understand their impact on communications
  • Develop your assertion skills as you identify and manage aggressive behaviours
  • Manage difficult situations through communications
  • Identify difficult people through the context of behavioural styles
  • Learn techniques to communicate more effectively with different behavioural styles
  • Learn techniques to manage stress

Who should attend?

  • Team members or managers who wish to understand and instill a culture of effective customer service within their organisation
  • Customer facing team members who want to improve their effectiveness in customer interactions