Listening Skills – Adapt Your Listening Style

  • Course Type: Masterclass
  • Duration: Half Day Workshop
  • Course Fees: On request
  • Open Course Venue: Remote Training
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Listening Skills – Adapt Your Listening Style

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Effective listening skills – adapt your listening style,  will focus on effective listening skills. It will begin with an interactive exercise to identify the barriers to listening. The participants partake in an exercise that will help them experience the four key barriers to effective listening.

Once the barriers have been identified the participants will then explore the four main listening styles of passive, evaluative, empathetic and active. The participants will receive practical tools in each of these areas to help develop their range of listening skills.

In addition, they will learn how to diagnose a situation to identify the correct listening style to apply. Finally, they will learn a simple four-step process to significantly increase their active listening skills.

This session is highly interactive. The maximum class size is limited to 24 due to the experiential exercises used to help people understand the barriers to listening and communications. In addition, there is an interactive exercise to develop active listening skills and again this requires a maximum class size of 24.

At the end of the session attendees will receive the following takeaway items:

  • A digital guide explaining the different listening styles
  • A questionnaire to help identify their primary listening style
  • A guide to active listening

On completion of this masterclass you will:

  • Understand the key barriers to effective listening and communications
  • Be able to identify the four main listening styles
  • Be able to diagnose a situation in order to use the appropriate listening style
  • Know how to identify and overcome the barriers explored during the session

Who should attend?

  • Managers and Senior Managers who want to communicate effectively
  • Those who want to foster positive team interaction and create high performance teams

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