Negotiation Skills: Evolve Your Negotiation Skills

  • Course Type: Digital Live Interactive Training
  • Duration: Two x Half-days
  • Course Fees: Available on request

Negotiation Skills: Evolve Your Negotiation Skills

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Course Description

This program draws on the approach of the Harvard Business School to harness the skills, tools, tactics and processes of effective negotiators in any business context. This live on-line experience will provide a platform for an engaging practice-based approach. You will be negotiating in the first hour of this half-day practical programme.

In tough times when every 0.01% counts, organisations may become increasingly sophisticated and sometimes aggressive in their approach to negotiation, therefore, it becomes critical for individuals handling negotiations to be confident, prepared and well equipped with the tools, tactics and strategies that shape their approach and deliver long term results that add value to their position.

Our highly experienced trainer – a commercial negotiator, management consultant, mediator, coach and author – delivers this highly customised two half-day sessions to ensure that you are prepared and practiced to negotiate effectively and are match fit and in control when the deals are on the table for you and your company.



  • Understand your negotiation style, how to enhance it and leverage value
  • Know that reparation is the magic sauce – the 5 steps
  • Understand The Power of Language – what works, what hinders and what wins
  • Understand the psychology of negotiations – the five basics that all good negotiators practice 
  • Mastering concessions – low value to you, high value to the other       
  • Understand the difference between selling, negotiation, influence, manipulation and persuasion 
  • How to adopt an interest - based approach to negotiation for a mutual gains approach, while delivering on your objectives 
  • Understand the two types of negotiation (distributive and integrative) and how and when to use both: Creating v’s claiming value 
  • Deploy the anchor, the BATNA and reservation price
  • Manage the emotional layer in negotiation – a gamechanger
  • Identify negotiation behaviours, objectives, motives and tactics in order to maximise your position and maintain a good ongoing relationship 
  • Develop problem solving techniques, understand adversarial versus partnership negotiation and identify the true power and position of both parties
  • Using the live cases of the participants, scenario plan your negotiation approach – your toolkit ready for launch after the course

Who should attend?

  • Those who want to enhance their ability to negotiate successfully especially given the new pressures provided by the pandemic
  • Experienced negotiators who want to hone their skills in line with the current pressures in the business environment

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