Media Interview Equals PR Opportunity – Be Prepared to Maximise its Potential


Media interest in business and business people has never been so high. If you are an executive in the private sector, a government department, a semi-state body or in the non-profit sector, the chances are that that you or your organisation can expect to generate media interest at some point.

Media interviews– whether from broadcast, print or internet organisations – are a source of important public relations opportunities for your organisation. (Not to mention the potential it holds for your own career prospects – think of the business people you regularly hear over the airwaves, whether in a news context or as participants in panel discussions).

Successful media interviews are not rocket science, but are instead the product of a skill set that can be acquired by anyone and which should be acquired by those likely to find themselves speaking publicly on behalf of their organisation.

Thus, media interview training is something that ought to be considered by Senior Executives in business and State-sponsored bodies, Managers with PR or Communications remits, or Administrators of charities and other non-profit bodies.

Engaging meaningfully and effectively with the media means knowing how best to present yourself, knowing what journalists want from an interview and knowing how to field awkward questions.

All of these criteria, and more, are covered in our  Media Spokesperson’s Interview Skills courseMedia_training, either via one-to-one training, an in-house course tailored to individual corporate needs or as an Open Course.

Devised and presented by Michael Comyn – a broadcast professional with over twenty years experience – the course is an intensive, interactive experience in which participants learn to face the media with confidence.

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