Reframe Tough Times Credibly – Cognitive and Behavioural Techniques

  • Course Type: Digital Live Interactive Training
  • Duration: One or two half day sessions
  • Course Fees: Available on request
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Reframe Tough Times Credibly – Cognitive and Behavioural Techniques

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This session uses the Framework of Name it, Frame it and Tame it. Easier said than done – how do we constructively interact with tough and challenging times to realistically navigate them?

VUCA is the term emerging from the experience and research with individuals, teams and organisations: volatile – uncertain – complex – ambiguous. This VUCA world is being all the more amplified now, so the challenge is to address it head on.

This workshop will provide you with tried and tested frameworks to not just survive but to thrive. The course is profoundly practical in orientation looking at the tough challenges that we all have – and providing you with ways through them. Our on-line interactive and highly engaging programme (customised to our client’s needs) can be a one or two half day sessions. Our aim is to equip you with the personal and professional tools you need for yourself and for your team to address the challenges of the now.

Our trainer is a highly respected communicator to, and facilitator of individuals and groups in the field of resilience, well-being and Growth Mindset. He has worked with teams and organisations across the globe. He focuses on practical, tried and tested tools to empower participants  to manage and transform their personal and professional performance.

We give you the convenience of digital with the effectiveness of the live experience to deliver real value.


This course will address:

  • How it is we understand our personal and professional contexts in the current environment
  • The internal resources we all have to manage our challenges constructively
  • Naming these challenges – be they time, stress, difficult behaviours, new ways of working, change . . .
  • Framing those challenges by looking at the Growth Mindset in understanding a credible way to manage and even transform these issues
  • Taming these concerns by evolving a very practical toolkit to behave in new ways – this is all about credible action
  • The Six Domains of Resilience that offer effective pathways to forge a confident approach to any challenge
  • Breakthrough conversations as a means to transform difficult relationships be they personal or professional

Who should attend?

  • Those who wish to gain the personal and professional tools you need for address the challenges of the now.
  • Thise who want to help enable their teams to cope better in a VUCA environment