Conflict: Productive Conflict and Mindsets, Cognitive Process of Reframing

  • Course Type: Digital Live Interactive Training
  • Duration: 2x Half-days
  • Course Fees: Available on request
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Conflict: Productive Conflict and Mindsets, Cognitive Process of Reframing

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Productive Conflict and Mindsets :: 2x Half-days

Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict and Mindsets is a workshop and learning experience that increases self-awareness around conflict behaviours and helps participants effectively respond to the uncomfortable and unavoidable challenges of workplace conflict. In addition participants will explore their agility in the area of EQ (Emotional Quota) and how their mindset impacts their behaviours.

Rather than focus on a step-by-step process for conflict resolution, this training program combines the personalised insights of DiSC® with the proven science of cognitive behavioural theory to help participants recognise and transform their destructive habits into more productive responses and helps individuals re-frame their mindset across a range of situation to enhance their effectiveness.

This workshop requires the completion of two online pre-work psychometric. Each participant will receive two personalised profiles. The Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile helps participants improve self-awareness around conflict behaviours. In this 22-page profile, participants will explore the destructive and productive conflict behaviours of each DiSC®.

The Everything DiSC Agile EQ Profile provides participants with valuable insights that allow them to discover an agile approach to workplace interactions. In this personalised, 26-page profile, participants will discover their DiSC style, learn about the instinctive mindsets that shape their responses and interactions, recognise opportunities to stretch beyond what comes naturally to them and gain actionable strategies to become more agile in their approach to social and emotional situations.



At the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Understand their behavioural responses to conflict
  • Identify and understand their trigger points
  • Understand the root cause of their destructive behaviour in conflict situations
  • Explore more productive responses to conflict situations
  • Examine their automatic mindsets
  • Stretch beyond their fixed mindset to be more agile
  • Develop practical action plans for managing their mindset and emotions more effectively

Who should attend?

  • Those who wish to be able to respond to challenging conflict in the workplace in a productive manner
  • Those who wish to understand their EQ and understand how their mindset impacts their beahviours