Productivity and Prioritising in a Changing Environment

  • Course Type: Digital live interactive training
  • Duration: Half-day Workshop
  • Course Fees: Available on request
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Productivity and Prioritising in a Changing Environment

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Workshop Outline

With the changing demands brought about by Covid-19, individuals and teams within organisations are finding challenges adapting to remote/virtual work. This half-day interactive workshop enables individuals and teams to structure and manage their work, themselves and their teams more effectively in an online world.


The workshop focuses on three key areas:


  • Manage Yourself: Understand self-energy, construct effective routines and develop productive rhythms


  • Manage Your Job and Your Workload: Structure your day, create a plan of action and processes for productivity


  • Manage Your Team: Learn how to connect effectively in a virtual environment, implement key virtual communications to build and foster trust and discover how to engage with collaboration.

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand their energy sources and how they are losing energy and focus
  • Develop effective routines that work with their own cognitive preferences
  • Physically set up a more productive workspace away from the office
  • Identify and guard against the top 10 bad behaviours of remote working
  • Understand the ‘Flow’ triggers and how to activate this productive state
  • Structure their working day more effectively
  • Prioritise tasks efficiently in a virtual world
  • Understand the need for connection and how to achieve this online
  • Identify the factors that signal an individual is struggling from a social perspective
  • Develop strategies for effective collaboration online

Who should attend?

  • Managers and teams who wish to learn and deploy the most effective strategies for successful remote working
  • Managers managing hoping to maintain and potentially increase productivity during remote working restrictions