Team Leader Essentials – Living the Values

  • Course Type: Digital Live Interactive Training
  • Duration: 2X Half-days
  • Course Fees: Available on request
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Team Leader Essentials – Living the Values

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Course Description

Great teams don’t just happen by chance. They are crafted and cultivated by team leaders that understand the psychology of team development. They know how to tap into each individuals’ strengths and motivation and align this towards the team’s goals.

Team Leader Essentials – Living the Values is a one-day practical course designed to provide you with a proven toolkit for building and maintaining successful teams. The workshop provides you with techniques for building value-based teams that are proven to achieve higher performance and results.

Part One – Understanding the Team and Players 

  •  What great teams do and how they succeed. Identifying the building blocks for effective teams
  • Defining the team charter and values. Identifying and agreeing on the behaviours and values for success
  • Understanding the barriers and dysfunctions that cause teams to fail
  • What team leaders must do to forge great teams that encourage growth

Part Two – Getting the Best Out of The Team 

  • Aligning strengths and skills to maximise productivity
  • Building vulnerability-based trust and engaging with accountability
  • Focusing on team goals and results deliver success and achieve high performance 
  • How teams develop and the barriers to productive conflict
  • Generating commitment within teams and developing accountability

On completion of this course you will:

  • Understand the building blocks required for building and maintaining a successful team
  • Be able to identify and avoid the dysfunctions that cause teams to fail
  • Understand the key skills and values that each member brings to the team and learn how to maximise their input
  • Be able to develop teams effectively by focusing on strengths and agreed values
  • Have a toolkit for the behaviours of a cohesive team

Who should attend?

  • People managers and team leaders who want to get the most out of their teams
  • Anyone who would like to develop more productive teams
  • Leaders, supervisors and individuals who want to maximise the effectiveness of the teams they work in
  • Anyone who is involved in cross-functional or international teams
  • Project managers who want to build successful teams that deliver on time and within budget