Communicating for Performance- Maximise Your Performance

  • Course Type: Remote training
  • Duration: Three days
  • Course Fees: Available on request
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Communicating for Performance- Maximise Your Performance

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Course Description

Communicating for performance is a three-day programme designed to maximise your personal communication skills. This programme will help you explore your personal style and develop strategies for enhancing your success. You will explore tools and techniques designed to improve your listening skills, give effective feedback, provide and seek clarity, challenge your assumptions, and that’s just Day One. 

On Day Two you will explore the psychology of influencing, understand the science of body language / non-verbal communication (and how to read / apply) along with learning proven improvisation techniques for thinking on your feet. Finally on Day Three you will cover assertion skills and how to deal with difficult situations, difficult people and difficult behaviours. 


On completion of this course you will:

  • Identify and understand their primary listening channel
  • Apply active listening and other styles to suit the situational need
  • Provide effective feedback that changes behaviours
  • Receive feedback and apply changes
  • Provide and seek clarity when communicating to others to ensure understanding
  • Effectively challenge assumptions when communicating
  • Identify their preferred influencing style
  • Select from a range of influencing styles to suit the situational need
  • Understand the psychology and science of influencing techniques
  • Apply NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programme) to their communications
  • Understand the science of body language and the impact on communications

Who should attend?

  • Anyone looking to explore their style of communication and develop tools to improve their skills
  • Those interested in understanding the significance of body language and micro expressions