DiSC Personality Profiling – Improve Interaction, Teamwork and Communication

  • Course Type: Digital Live Interactive Training
  • Duration: Half-day Session
  • Course Fees: Available on request
Enquiries: training@highperformance.ie

DiSC Personality Profiling – Improve Interaction, Teamwork and Communication

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Session Overview

This session will introduce the participants to the widely used psychometric model of DiSC to assess and understand human behaviour.

The participants will learn three-step application process to effectively use disc to increase their understanding of self and others, how they communicate with and influence each other.

In this highly interactive 1/2 day session participants will explore and understand a three step process. Step one is understanding self. Participants will learn how their behaviour is interpreted by others and the resulting impact of their behaviours. Participants will learn how to diagnose others in step two through observation of behaviours and application of the DiSC model. In step three participants learn how to adapt behaviours to better interact with others and achieve better results. In addition, participants will learn about the critical importance of diversity and how it needs to be fostered to increase productivity in the workplace.

Course Content

  • Understanding self
  • Understanding others
  • Adapting for success



Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the psychology behind the DiSC model

  • Identify and understand your own DiSC style
  • Understand how others interpret your behaviour and the impact of your behaviour
  • Diagnose other people and their DiSC style based on observable behaviours
  • Develop strategies for better interaction with different DiSC styles (communication and Influencing)
  • Adapt your behaviours to maximise results when dealing with other styles
  • Understand Diversity and foster an environment for inclusion

Who should attend?

  • Those who wish to understand their behavioural traits and improve interactions with their teams
  • Those who wish to understand the behaviours of others so as to create a more diverse and productive working environment