Digital Marketing – The Big Picture – The Key Digital Trends

  • Course Type: Digital Live Interactive Masterclass
  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Course Fees: Available on request

Digital Marketing – The Big Picture – The Key Digital Trends

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Masterclass Outline

Digital marketing has changed the world of marketing and business for ever. There is no going back. New category-less competition is entering your marketplace. Classic marketing thinking gets left behind. There are now so many digital marketing tools and techniques. The biggest challenge is knowing what is out there, how this helps you reach more customers and ultimately grow your business more effectively. This session helps you to structure your digital marketing into a simple, yet effective, framework that serves you well going forward.

This workshop aims to give you the big picture in digital marketing – the emerging cutting-edge trends, tools and techniques.  Delegates will also learn how to write the perfect digital marketing plan.

Content includes

  • The marketing orientation acid test
  • Digital trends affecting your market-place
  • Digital trends accelerating hyper-competition
  • How marketing automation works
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • How to write the perfect digital marketing plan
  • How to make better decisions




  • Understand key digital trends
  • Understand what digital marketing can and cannot do
  • Become familiar with marketing automation
  • Explore some other digital marketing tools and techniques
  • Write the perfect digital marketing plan using SOSTAC® Planning

Who should attend?

  • Marketing managers who want to get an appreciation for big picture trends in digital marketing
  • Those who want to learn about and implement effective digital marketing strategy and planning frameworks