Change Management -Navigate the Change – Leverage the New

  • Course Type: Digital Live Interactive Training
  • Duration: One half day or two half days
  • Course Fees: Available on request

Change Management -Navigate the Change – Leverage the New

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John Kotter one of the most recognised global experts in change tells us:
‘Only 30% of change initiatives work’
This programme is about ensuring that you are in the successful percentile – that you have the skillset necessary. We know change is a constant, we also know that change for many can be difficult and that managing change can therefore lead to all sorts of challenges, resistances and failures. Leading change requires you to be equipped with a range of tools, frameworks and models in addition with the effective change mindset and behaviours to maximise the impact of your change initiative.

Our trainer is a highly respected communicator to and facilitator of individuals and groups in the field of change management and organisational development. He has worked with teams and organisations across the globe. He focuses on practical, tried and tested tools to empower participants.

High Performance Digital Live Training is a fully interactive approach including discussion, practice breakout rooms, interactive presentations, instant chat forums and full screen sharing. The convenience of digital with the effectiveness of the live experience delivers real value to our clients.


This course will:

  • Introduce you to the five most effective change management models that can be deployed in a variety of change projects
  • Engage with the four core behaviours that must drive any successful change project: Involve – Own – Model – Communicate
  • Look at ways to understand and constructively address resistance to change – looking at the various types of resistant behaviour
  • Outline the key skillset of the unique Four D© model of change – from diagnosis to delivery of an effective change initiative
  • Look at the role of the leadership in change – a core competency for leaders
  • Examine practical approaches for the vital middle manager role in change
  • Introduce the Change Project cycle – if you are asked to manage a change: all aspects in this nine dimension cycle explored
  • Understand the politics of change – how to manage the culture of ‘how things get done around here’
  • Utilise case-studies to explore common change challenges and the effective responses used to ensure success
  • Engage with the particular scenarios of the participants in a workshop format to ensure you have a range of approaches for your specific needs – the Change Clinic©

Who should attend?

  • Those who wish to implement change successfully in in their organisation
  • Those who wish to understand the theory and techniques behind successful change management
  • Anyone embarking upon an ambitious change project within their organisation