Time Management and Effective Planning

  • Course Type: Digital Live Remote Training
  • Duration: 1 Half-day
  • Course Fees: Available on request
Enquiries: 01 853 2215 / training@highperformance.ie

Time Management and Effective Planning

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Course Description

Many people feel stressed because they allow a task-driven schedule to take over their working lives. The distinction between what is urgent and what is important becomes clouded, leading to a loss of control and a drop in personal effectiveness and morale. 

Time Management and Effective Planning is a half-day practical course designed to address these issues by helping you to de-clutter your working life, plan more effectively and prioritise efficiently. 

Providing a framework for planning and prioritisation, this course will enable you to concentrate on what really matters, eliminate distraction and time-wasting, and regain control over your working life. On completion, you will be empowered to maximise your effectiveness and minimise stress. 


On completion of this course you will:

  • Understand the significance of distinguishing between activities which are urgent and important
  • Possess simple tools and strategies for saving time and getting more done
  • Have moved away from a task driven schedule to a proactive planning system that helps you achieve your priorities
  • Have an effective planning process
  • Be able to deal more effectively with interruptions, procrastination and your own personal time stealers

Who should attend?

  • Those who want to increase their personal effectiveness
  • Those planning on ensuring that their personal goals are achieved on schedule