Leading with High Impact – Five Day Programme (2 days + 3 days)

  • Course Type: Inhouse
  • Duration: Five Days
  • Course Fees: on request
Enquiries: 01 853 2215 / training@highperformance.ie

Leading with High Impact – Five Day Programme (2 days + 3 days)

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Course Description

High Impact Leadership is a five-day programme delivered over two modules. Module one (2 days) explores the areas of leading self. Module two (3 days) focuses on leading people and the business.

Participants will be required to complete a series of pre and post work exercises and activities for both modules. These will include psychometric questionnaires and reflecting analysis. The pre and post work are critical elements of the overall programme and are mandatory requirements.

On module one participants will explore the leadership competencies and qualities required across a range of leadership roles/situations. Participants will define what being a leader means and what is required. Participants will assess their own styles and competencies against the criteria identified for leadership and leadership situations. Participants will also explore their level and control of emotional intelligence. On day two of module one the participants will work with professional actors and business coaches to explore and improve their personal presence and impact. The actors and business coaches will work with each individual to refine and hone their personal brand and image.

Module two will cover communications, leading teams, strategy and change. On day one participants will draw on the learning from module one to refine their communications through effective influencing, body language and communication channels throughout the workplace. Day two will explore strategy and change from a leadership perspective.

Participants will learn a range of strategic tools and models for leading teams and businesses through a range of situations. Participants will apply a range of strategic analysis tools to their own business and develop a strategic blueprint for the business. Participants will also examine what it means to lead through change. Participants will learn how to create a sense of urgency around change, communicate change effectively to win the hearts and minds of employees and stakeholders and how to make sure the change is delivered effectively. Finally on day three the participants will explore the role of leading teams. Participants will be challenged to bring all of their learning together in a simulated environment where their leadership skills will be constantly assessed while leading a team through complex and challenging situations.

Leading Self

  • Being a leader and what that really means
  • The required competencies and qualities for leadership situations
  • Leadership styles and flexibility
  • Refining your emotional intelligence
  • Personal presence and impact
  • Personal branding and image

Leading People

  • Leading teams effectively
  • Communicating for performance
  • Winning the hearts and minds of staff

Leading the Business

  • Exploring strategy and strategic options
  • Analysing the business effectively
  • Leading change effectively

Course Outcomes

  • Explore and assess their personal leadership qualities
  • Define and compare competencies for a range of leadership situations
  • Identify and select from a range of leadership styles to fit the situation
  • Manage responses to emotions more effectively
  • Manage interpersonal behaviours more effectively
  • Build a personal brand and image that promotes their desired qualities and competencies
  • Increase presence and impact when communicating
  • Analyse the business/function through strategic tools and processes
  • Define a strategic plan building on core competencies and business needs
  • Create a sense of urgency in relation to needed change activities and situations
  • Manage and communicate change as a leader
  • Win the hearts and minds of staff through communication and connection
  • Lead teams towards successes even in difficult times
  • Motivate self and others to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities
  • Use work place communications channels more effectively to deliver information

Who should attend?

  • Senior Managers developing their leadership skills