Managing People and Performance – Two Day Programme

  • Course Type: Inhouse
  • Duration: Two Days
  • Course Fees: On Request
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Managing People and Performance – Two Day Programme

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Course Description


This highly interactive two-day programme is designed for newly/recently appointed managers. Participants will gain knowledge and skills to increase their competence in managing people and performance.

Day one introduces the key concepts and requirements for the role of the people manager in relation to day to day performance management. Participants will learn what the key skills and tools are for the role of the manager. Individuals will explore tools for planning, problem solving and effective decision making. Participants will also explore the Flexible Management Model and learn how to select from a range of management style for delegation and management.

Day two will focus on performance. Participants will practise how to set, align and clarify goals. Participants will explore proven feedback models for positive reinforcement and behavioural change. Participants will also look at how to deal with difficult situations including difficult behaviours, conversations and underperformance.

The key focus of the two-day programme is to provide the participants with a toolkit that will increase their competence for managing people, performance and probation. The sessions will include direct references to and examples from their current processes.

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On completion of this course you will:

  • Understand the role and context of the front line manager
  • Be able to delegate to staff members to deliver results through people
  • Be able to manage people, performance and probation effectively
  • Be able to apply time a proven toolkit for management of people
  • Be able to apply proven techniques for problem-solving and decision-making
  • Understand and apply the essential steps of planning
  • Be able to apply criteria and proven tools for effective decision making
  • Be able to flex their management styles and behaviours to specific situations
  • Know how to set , communicate, align and clarify goals
  • Be able to give structured feedback
  • Be able to deliver performance feedback and performance management effectively
  • Understand how to deal with difficult situations and conversations
  • Be able to use the probation and performance processes effectively

Who should attend?

  • Managers who want to better understand what it takes to achieve consistent performance within a mixed abilities team; to succeed in high and low performance situations and continue to coach for excellence.
  • This will also be appropriate for managers with new starters who begin under probation period conditions and need to optimize those crucial early weeks quick and effective on-boarding.